Thursday, March 2, 2017


Private 1st Class Lucas Herrera Rodriguez

Different villages name their streets for different reasons. In Hågat (Agat), many streets are named are young men of the village who died in the US military while serving in Vietnam.

Guam had a high rate of casualties in Vietnam. A total of 70 men from Guam died in Vietnam, more than Alaska's 57. Hawaii lost 276 of its men to the battle fields of Vietnam, but when you consider that Hawaii's population in 1968 was close to 800,000 compared to Guam's 80,000 you can see how much those 70 Guam deaths were felt here.

We must also remember that these were the days of the draft. If your number came up, you went to war.

Lucas Herrera Rodriguez was one such young man. He was born in 1949 and grew up in the village of Hågat. At the age of 19, he was sent to Vietnam, beginning his tour in August of 1968. He lived less than 2 more months. He was killed on October 8 of the same year by artillery, rocket or mortar in Hau Nghia Province. They were able to recover his body.

How sad to think of a 19-year-old, with his whole future ahead of him, cut down in less than two months, fighting in Vietnam. He could have married and had children, and experience the love and fulfillment of family life. He could have excelled in whatever career or profession he may have eventually had. Had he lived, he would only be 68 years old! Instead, he made the ultimate sacrifice and gave up his life. May God give him eternal life!

It is good that we honor these fallen men and not forget why many of our streets are named after them.

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