Friday, March 3, 2017


Candy Taman shares with me how blessed oil helped him with his back pain, as well as his wife's body aches.

This level of Chamorro fluency is fast disappearing. It is effortless, it uses expressions revealing a Chamorro way of looking at things, best learned from interaction with native speakers rather than books, and it does not try to avoid words borrowed from Spanish nor even English.

The English is already there in the video, but I will post several language notes at the bottom of this post.


Inipos. From upos, which means "to pass ahead of" or "beyond." When someone has gone over the limit, or a standard, or normalcy, then he or she is inipos. Candy means that his faith in the Holy Spirit is beyond ordinary faith. It's an expression indicating force or intensity.

Fabula. Pronounced FA - bula. From the Spanish word for "made up story, fable, myth."

Nos pot. Meaning "not because of, not on account of, not so that, not due to." It comes from the Spanish "no es por," meaning "not because of."

Dios te libre. Literally, in Spanish, it means "God free/save you," but Chamorros say it as an expression of surprise, amazement, concern.

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