Wednesday, December 5, 2012


FACHE' : mud

Poddong gue' gi fache'.  S/he fell into the mud.

Bula fache'.  A lot of mud.

Kafache'.  Covered with mud.

Kafache' i sapatos-mo.  Your shoes are covered in mud.

Fanfachian.  Bog, quagmire.

Måtto hit gi fanfachian.  We came upon a muddy area (bog, quagmire).

Other Meanings

Fache' can also be used to describe something that is too wet, as in rice that was cooked in too much water. 

Fache' i hinkesa.  The rice is watery.

Na' fache' ennao.  Dilute that; make it more watery.

Fache' can also refer to something made of clay (muddy soil).

Båson fache'.  Clay glass or cup.

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