Monday, December 10, 2012


Biringhenas - Eggplant

Before the war, at least for a time in the public schools, agriculture was part of the curriculum in the elementary grades.  Students were encouraged to learn how to grow their own food and raise their own livestock.  Prizes were awarded yearly for the best crops and best livestock.

In 1926, for example, Jesus Muña from Hagåtña won 1st prize for the best seed corn.  Felix C. Carbullido in Hågat won 1st prize for the largest corn stalk.

Dolores R. Acfalle down in Malesso' won 1st prize for the largest sugar cane, while Joaquin Cepeda from Hagåtña won top honors for the best sugar cane syrup.

Another Malesso' gal, Carmen G. Gogue won 1st prize for the best coffee.  Tito C. Baza from Yoña won the highest prize for the best root crops, such as taro or sweet potato.

Other prizes were given for best mangoes, eggplants or avocados; best poultry or hogs.

Self-sufficiency was the name of the game at the time.

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