Monday, December 17, 2012


Don't mess with Chamorro grandmas.

The other day a group of elderly Third Order members (tetsiåria) gathered at a Chinese restaurant for their annual Christmas social.

They even brought their own buñuelos dågo straight from their home kitchen.

Then, despite the noise from other patrons, loud waiters and waitresses and the clanging of glasses and dishes, the man åmko' tetsiåria started singing traditional Chamorro Christmas carols.  For a good fifteen minutes, the place was theirs!
The clip includes just snippets of the songs, but here's most of what you hear :

Ilek-ña i anghet nu i pastot siha estague' i Kristo giya Belen
(The angel told the shepherds : Christ is here in Bethlehem)
gi sagan gå'ga' chatsaga taigima'.
(in a place for animals, burdened, homeless.)
Ta nginge', ta Jesus.
(Let us kiss, let us adore....Jesus.)

O Yu'us na pelegrino sugo' mågi giya hame.
(O pilgrim God stop and stay with us.)

Ta falåggue sahyao i patgon Belen, ta li'e i Bithen yan si San Jose.
(Let us run quickly to the child of Bethlehem, let us see the Virgin and Saint Joseph.)
Faisine ham Nåna haftaimano gue', kao yanggen tumo'a u ma'gåse hit?
(Ask for us, Mother, how He be, should He grow will He rule over us?)
Sangåne ham lokkue' kao i dikkike' guiya i ma sångan na Lahen David?
(Tell us also if the small one is the foretold Son of David?)

Kantåye gue', sa kumekekasao
(Sing to Him, because He is about to cry)
para u nina' maigo'.
(so that He will be put to sleep.)

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