Friday, December 21, 2012


A sweet Christmas carol from Saipan.  The German Capuchins were in Saipan from 1907 till 1919 and taught the people there recent compositions set to German melodies, which is why we don't know these carols on Guam.

Taotao ni man ma dingo / na' fan magof hamyo todos
(People who have been left behind / rejoice all of you)
mafañågo para hamyo / på'go nai i Satbadot!
(for born for you / today is the Savior!)
Ta fan dimo gi me'nå-ña / u ma kånta ni minagof
(Let us kneel before Him / let gladness be sung)
u ma onra, u ma onra / i Saina-ta!
(let our Lord be honored!)

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