Monday, December 24, 2012


This Christmas carol is not very old in the Marianas, as it was taught to the Chamorros only in the 1900s by the Spanish Capuchins, who were only on Guam and not the other islands of the Marianas.  Thus our neighbors in Luta and Saipan don't sing it, just as we don't sing the carols taught to them by the German Capuchins, who didn't work on Guam.


Annai i Niño minida as Maria

(When Mary clothed the infant)

Ya nina’ åsson gi hilo’ ngåsan

(and made Him lie on the straw)

Kinantåye gue’ man mames na kånta

(She sang Him sweet songs)

Para u måffong gue’ gi maigo’-ña.

(to make Him sleep soundly.)


Kantåye gue’ sa’ kumekekasao

(Sing to Him, because He is about to cry)

Kantåye gue’ para u nina’ maigo’.

(Sing to Him, so that He can be put to sleep.)


Estague’ i Niño na mafañågo

(Here the Child is born)

ni i sinangan i anghet Gabriel

(as the angel Gabriel said)

Para u såtba hit todos gi isao

(to save us all from sin)

para u konne’ hit guato gi langet.

(and to take us over to heaven.)


Maila’ hao mågi ya hu toktok hao Niño

(Come here infant and I will embrace you)

Ya hu chiko todo i addeng-mo

(and I will kiss both your feet)

Sa’ un goggue i taotao siha gi isao

(because you save the people from sin)

Pot i dangkulun mina’ase’-mo.

(because of your great mercy.)


Ma’lak na estreyas gumigia guato

(Bright stars guide there)

I Tres Reyes ni manaotao kåttan

(the Three Kings, people from the east)

Para u ma adora i Niño Jesus

(to adore the Child Jesus)

Ya ma nå’e regålo-ña guaguan

(and give Him precious gifts.)


Ma’lak na oro, insensio yan mira

(Shiny gold, incense and myrrh)

I mana’i-ña i Niño Jesus

(are the Child Jesus’ gifts)

Guato guihe gi i liyang gå’ga’

(There in the animals’ cave)

Nai mafañågo i Låhen Yu’us.

(where the Son of God was born.)



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