Monday, November 28, 2011


These announcements by Father Lee in Tinian in the early 1960s reflect the pace of life in that small and quiet community.  The people depending on many goods coming from the supply ship, so when it came, whenever it came, that was the priority.  So on this occasion, Father Lee dispensed the men working to unload the supplies from Sunday Mass obligation when the ship came on a Sunday.  Others, probably mainly the women, would cook to feed the loading crews.  The community also depended heavily on sports to fill in the hours of TV-less nights and weekends.

Hu dispepensa todo i taotao "loading ship" på'go na oga'an ginen i obligasion Sånta Misa, kon todo i taotao kusina yanggen mañåtsaga siha.  Yanggen siña, debe de u fan hosme Misa durånte i semåna.  Malago' yo' hu sangåne i taotao MDC sen dangkulo Si Yu'us Ma'åse' pot i che'cho'-miyo nigap gi plåsan basketball.  Debåtde ha' todo i che'cho'-ñiha, sa' para i Gima'yu'us yan i famagu'on-ta.

I am dispensing all the "loading ship" people this morning from the obligation (of attending) Holy Mass, including the kitchen crew if they are unable (to attend Mass).  If they can, they must attend Mass during the week.  I would like to tell the MDC people thanks very much for your work yesterday on the basketball court.  All their work is free, because it's for the Church and our children.

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