Monday, November 14, 2011


There was a village where the first homes you saw upon arrival, all in a row on the same street, were the following families in order of geographical precedence :

The Påkpåk (explode) family; the Palakse (slippery) family; the Bådo (hunchback) family; the Dåkngas (bald) family; the Sabåna (mountain) family; the Båchet (blind) family and finally the Måddok (hole) family.  These were their better-known-as names.

So people used to tell others traveling to this village :

Gigon humålom hao gi ayo na songsong, gof adahe sa' siempre un hungok i papåkpåk.  Yanggen esta monhåyan hao guennao, gof adahe na un sulon sa' siempre un sodda' i palakse.  Pues an kahulo' hao, adahe na un fina'ñago nu i bado.  Pues, yanggen esta sige hao, adahe na un totpe i dakngas.  Pues siempre an sige hao mo'na, un hotde i sabåna.  Yanggen tumunok hao ginen i sabåna, adahe na un totpe i batchet.  Pues an sige hao mo'na, adahe na un poddong gi maddok!

As soon as you enter that village, be very careful because you will surely hear something explode.  When you're done there, be very careful not to slip because you will surely find something slippery.  When you get up, be careful not to be frightened by the hunchback.  Then, when you keep going, be careful not to bump into the bald person.  Then surely as you keep going forward, you will climb the mountain.  When you come down from the mountain, be careful not to bump into the blind person.  Then when you keep going forward, be careful not to fall into the hole!

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