Tuesday, October 18, 2011


MAKKAT : heavy, serious, grave

Demasiao makkat!  It's too heavy!

Åhe', ti makkat.  No, it's not heavy.

Makkat matå-ña.  His face is grave.

Makkat palabrås-mo.  Your words are serious.

Makkat na kastigo ma nå'e gue'.  They gave him a heavy or serious penalty.

Minakkat.  Heaviness (literally) or weight.

Dies libras minakat-ña.  It is ten pounds heavy.

Påle' Roman says it can also be used to signify the effort of a person. "Ti mamakat gue'" literally means "he isn't being heavy" but the idea is that the person isn't bearing his load, or exerting force in the effort.

It can also be used to express the idea that something is or isn't serious.  "Ti hu na' makkat ennao," literally means, "I don't or wouldn't make that (thing, person, event) serious or grave."

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