Sunday, October 2, 2011

ÅGANG : to call

* Be careful not to confuse with a'gang, which means "loud."

Ågang si Jose.  Call Jose.

I patgon ha å'ågang si nanå-ña.  The child is calling her mother.

Hu ågang hao gi painge.  I called you last night.

Inagang hao as Maria.  Maria called you.

Agånge.  To call for, to invite.

Ti måtto yo' sa' ti un agånge yo'.  I didn't come because you didn't invite me.

Meggai siha i man ma agånge.  The invited were many.

Inagang.  Call.

Bai hu nanangga i inagång-mo.  I'll be waiting for your call.

Ti ha nangga i inagang Yu'us.  She didn't wait for the call of God.  Said of someone who took his/her own life.

Ma ågang.  To announce.

Historical Anecdote

Only until recently, all couples intending to get married in the Church had their names announced in Mass many weeks before the wedding, several times.  This was done so that if anyone had any information about either bride or groom that would prevent the wedding (for example, if either bride or groom was actually married already but no one in the town knew about it except the informant), that information could be obtained.

These announcements were called wedding banns in English, and amonestasion in Chamorro.  But they were also called ma ågang : i finena'na na ma ågang-ñiha, i mina' dos...  ( their first announcement, second...).

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