Monday, October 17, 2011


Coat of Arms of the Town of Baza, Spain
"Ayuntamiento" means "town council"

Baza is the name of a town in Spain, in the Province of Granada, and has about 21,000 residents.

It is an old family on Guam, appearing in the 1727 Census, with one Agustin Baza from Pampanga, but he was still a bachelor.  He appears again in the 1759 Census, this time as a married man, but, surprise surprise, he is married to a woman with similar names - Juana Agustina Baza!  What are the chances?

By the 1897 Census, we have the following Bazas, all from the capital city unless otherwise noted :

Pedro Baza, married to Maria Ungacta.  Their son Sebastian moved to Saipan, where many of the Bazas spell it Basa.  In Latin American and Filipino pronunciation of Spanish, z and s have the same sound - Baza and Basa would sound the same (just as Blaz and Blas would sound the same).

Juan Baza, married to Luisa Aguon.

Manuel Leon Baza, married to Maria Asuncion Blas.

Luis Martinez Baza, an elder bachelor.

Jose Baza, married to Ramona Ortiz Camacho.

Luis Baza, married to Antonia Martinez.

Tito Quichocho Baza, married to Carmen Camacho Sablan.

Telesforo Quichocho Baza, married to Margarita de la Cruz.

Juan Baza, married to Manuela Ada.  They lived in Asan.

Joaquin Lujan Baza, married to Josefa Duenas Palomo.

Nicolas Regargar Baza, a widower at age 52.  His middle name is unusual.  Reminiscent of Fegurgur but I wouldn't jump to that conclusion right away.

Ramon Baza, the founder of the Malesso' branch.  He was from Hagåtña, the son of Francisca Baza.  He married Dolores Tedpahogo Taijeron from Malesso'.

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