Thursday, October 13, 2011


Ma basia hit gi chalan!
We are emptied into the street!

This reminds me of something I cannot do in the States, but have to do on Guam.  On Guam, I cannot throw away food in the garbage.  I have to basia tupperware, food containers, zip lock bags - not onto the street - but onto the ground at a distance from my home and the neighbors, but close enough where the animals can eat the food.

You can't do that in the States - unless you live in the desert or the woods.  In suburbia, there's not a speck of dust on a single blade of grass.

I know, I know - throwing food into the back yard invites rats and possibly snakes.  But my hope (well-grounded, I think) is that the chickens and dogs will get to it first, and I just can't stomach wasting food when it can feed God's animals.  I just try to avoid making the back yard a junk yard.

Basia.  To empty.

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