Monday, June 4, 2018


Desde ke un dingu ham
manmamamaisen i famagu'on,
"Malak måno si nåna?"
Ti siña hu oppe siha magåhet
na un traidute yo'.
Ennao mina' mama'tinas yo' estoria
na un susede un desgråsia
ni pumuno' lina'lå'-mo.

Ya hu konne' siha guato gi sementeyo
ya gi un nåftan nai ma tuge' i na'an
un difunta ni pareho na'an-miyo
man mamo'lo siha flores-ñiha.
Milak påpa' lago'-ñiha,
piniten guinaiya ni ti un merese.
Ya gi este fåtso na nåftan
nai ma håfot todo i anyulang
i fåtso na guinaiya-mo.

Ya på'go nai un bira hao mågi,
håfa mohon malago'-mo
na bai sangåne i famagu'on?
Ti siña lumå'la' ta'lo
i esta ma håfot na måtai.

Ever since you left us
the children have been asking,
"Where did mom go?"
I cannot answer them truthfully
that you betrayed me.
That is why I made up a story
that you had an accident
that took away your life.

And I took them there to the cemetery
and at a grave where a name was written
of a dead woman whose name is the same as yours
they put their flowers.
Their tears flowed down,
the pain of love which you don't deserve.
And at this false grave
are buried all the fragments
of your false love.

And now that you have come back,
what do you want
me to tell the children?
A dead person already buried
cannot live again.

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  1. Love reading your posts, and learning from you ! Great post by the way, cant wait for more! from az