Wednesday, July 8, 2015


In English, events are postponed and agenda items are tabled.

In Chamorro, they are hung.

The word "to hang" in Chamorro is kana'.

Ma kakana' i gipot asta ke måkpo' i pakyo.
The party is postponed until the typhoon is over.

Maolek-ña ta kana' este asta despues de Agosto na mes.
It's better that we table this until after the month of August.

Ma kana' i botasion sa' pot ti nahong miembro.
They delayed the voting because there weren't enough members.

In Chamorro, we hang events and topics like we hang clothes or a picture on a wall. We don't mean we hang them like we hang people to die.

In Chamorro, to hang someone or something in order to kill them is ñaka'.

Ha ñaka' maisa gue' i besinu-ho.
My neighbor hanged himself.

Ma ñaka' i babue pues ma puno'.
The pig was hanged then killed.

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