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One branch of the Quitugua family is better-known-as the familian Karabao.

Many family nicknames are of uncertain origin.

Oral tradition even within one clan differs, with various family members having different explanations why that family has that nickname.

According to one member of the familian Karabao,

Si bihu-hu guaha ga'-ña karabao.
(My grandfather had a carabao.)

Un dia, ha kåtga i kosås-ña gi karabao ya må'pos para i gualo'-ña giya Libugon.*
(One day, he put his things on the carabao and went to his farm in Libugon*.)

Todo maolek, lao media karera, esta ti malago' mamokkat i karabao.
(All was well, but half-way, the carabao didn't want to walk anymore.)

Yayas i karabao, ya sumåga gi chalan.
(The carabao was tired, and he stayed on the road.)

Pues si bihu-hu ha godde i karabao, ha na' tunok todo i kosås-ña ya guiya mismo kumåtga hulo' i kosås-ña para i lancho-ña.
(So my grandfather tied the carabao, took down all his things and he himself carried up his things to his ranch.)

Despues, ha bira gue' tåtte gi ga'-ña karabao ya ha båtsala i karabao guato para i lancho-ña.
(Then, he returned to his carabao and lead it over to his ranch.)

Annai lini'e si bihu-hu ni pumalon taotao, na ha båbåtsala i ga'-ña karabao hulo' para Libugon, ma chatge si bihu-hu ya desde ennao na ma fana'an si bihu-hu si Karabao.
(When my grandfather was seen by the other people, that he was leading his carabao up to Libugon, they laughed at him and since then they named my grandfather "Karabao.")

* Libugon : is what we call nowadays Nimitz Hill

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