Wednesday, July 29, 2015


The following letter, written to various priests, was written in Chamorro by the spouse of a dying person.  It has been edited to honor the family's privacy.

Sen bonito na ha'ånen i guaiyayon na Saina-ta. 
(A very beautiful day of our lovable Lord.)

Para bai nå'e hao dångkulo na agradesimento pot i tinayuyut yan guinaiya para si X yan i familia. 
(I give you great appreciation for the prayers and love for X and the family.)

Esta si X gof malango yan todo i tiempo ha nesesita asistimienton otro.
(X is already very sick and needs the assistance of another all the time.)

Eståba si Y guine ha gachunge yan ha setbe si tatå-ña tres semåna, despues ha bira gue' tåtte para i che'cho'- ña. 
(Y was here for three weeks, accompanying and serving his father, afterwards he went back to his work.)

Gaige ha' i dos hagå-ña guine. Si Z yan dos hagan-ñiha gaige esta lokkue'.
(His two daughters are here. Z and two of their daughters are already here as well.)

Esta i famagu'on yan i familia gi guinaiya yan pininiti ma aksepta i situasion yan håfa plånun i Saina.
(The children and family in love and sorrow already accept the situation and whatever the Lord's plans are.)

Esta monhåyan planu-ña para ma tratå-ña i tataotao-ña yan todo yanggen måtto i oran ma agång-ña.
(His plans for the disposition of his body and everything when the time of his calling comes are done.)

Pot fabot kontinua i tinayuyut para u ñahlalang pinadesi-ña siha yan para hame ni familia para in fan metgot gi hinengge yan aksepta i disposision i Saina. 
(Please continue the prayers so that his suffering will be lightened and for us the family that we be strong in faith and accept the will of the Lord.)

Kon tinayuyut yan bula guinaiya.

(With prayers and much love.)

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