Thursday, July 2, 2015


In 1861, Vicente Guilló, a Spanish officer in the militia of the Marianas, the Compañía de la Dotación, sold his property in Asan to Fernando Guevara.

The land was used for the growing of rice, corn, coconuts and other crops. It measured 250 feet, but that seems to be a vague measurement.

The farm had a house made of wood, three shacks, two carabaos (one male, one female), two plows and a number of goats of both sexes. There were also 800 coconut seedlings. All of these were included in the sale.

The buyer was a Filipino resident of Guam, Fernando Guevara of Binondo, a district of Manila. Guevara was to pay Guilló 261 pesos and 5 reales over a two-year period.

It is unclear if Fernando Guevara has any connection with the Guevaras of Guam we know today.

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  1. Pale do we know if he was the father of my great grandfather Vicente Crisotomos Guevara? I do know there was a land issued dispute settled upon my great great grandfathers Fernando Guevaras death in 1900 which included a few of my great uncles.