Thursday, August 22, 2013


MALÅTE' : smart, intelligent

Kao malåte' si Pedro?  Is Pedro smart?

Malåte' na påtgon!  A smart child!

Hokkok malate'-ña!  He is super smart!  (Literally : His intelligence is to the furthest degree possible.)

Eståba gof mudoro lao despues mumalåte'.  S/he was once dull-witted but later became smart.

Falak i kolehio ya un na' malåte' hao!  Go to college and make yourself smart!

Na' fan malåte', pot fabot, i famagu'on-ho!  Please make my children smart!

Minalåte'.  Intelligence.

Nå'e yo', Asaina, ni minalate'-ho.  Grant me, Lord, intelligence.  (Literally : my intelligence.)

I man minalåte'.  The intellectuals.

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