Thursday, August 1, 2013


Nieves Mariano Flores (center, in suit)
Founder and Principal of the Guam Institute

Activities for the Guam Institute during the year 1930 included a meeting of Institute alumni and the senior class.  The valedictorian of 1927, Fermin L.G. Bitanga, and the valedictorian of 1929, Raymond Underwood, as well as guests Alfonso Reyes and Luis Untalan, gave pep talks and admonitions to the seniors.

In a more festive vein, Asuncion Blas Haniu directed a Maypole Dance while Pedro Diaz Perez coordinated athletic games.

For graduation that May, Jose S. Perez won the valedictorian's spot that year.  Graduating with honors were Helen C. Herrero (salutatorian), Fe Untalan Cristobal and Alfred C. Duenas.   In the social function following the ceremonies, Eugenia Underwood and Lovie Elliott directed the music and dancing.

The above names reflect some of the leading families in Guam society before the war.  The keynote address at the graduation was rendered by the head of education under the Naval Government, who almost always was the Protestant Navy chaplain.  This was always a sore spot with the Spanish friars.

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