Wednesday, August 14, 2013


When you hear the name Baleto, think Sumay / Santa Rita.

Baleto will be a mystery for sometime, if not forever.  It is not a Spanish name, nor Portuguese (there were some Portuguese who settled on Guam, especially during the whaling days of the 1800s).

There is a place in the Philippines called Baleto Pass (in Nueva Ecija) and people with the surname Baleto, though not numerous.

The first Baleto we know about on Guam is Ramon Baleto.  We just know his name, not his origins.  My guess would be Filipino.

He married Feliciana Dueñas, obviously from Guam, though Dueñas is a fairly common Spanish name.

Their son Jose Dueñas Baleto married Ana Ulloa.  Their son Vicente Ulloa Baleto married Maria Concepcion.

Ramon and Feliciana also had a daughter Inés.  Inés had been married, but lost her husband.  As a widow, she had several children, one of whom, Sebastian by name, married Josefa Martinez and moved to Saipan.

Though a small family rooted in Sumay, in all the world, the majority of people having Baleto as a surname are Chamorros.  If Ramon Baleto was indeed Filipino, his Baleto relatives back home were small in number.

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