Monday, May 13, 2013


Hågo ha' solo guinaiya-ko, tåya' mås ke hågo sa' hågo ha'.
(You are my only love, there is none but you because it is you alone.)

Åpmam tiempo de hu såså'pet yo', åpmam tiempo hu tattiye hao,
(I have suffered a long time, I have followed you a long time)

Sångan nene håfa malago'-mo, sa' hunggan yo'.
(Say baby what it is that you want, because I am willing.)

Puede un dia, puede un dia un merese i siniente-ko
(Perhaps one day, perhaps one day you will be worthy of my feelings)

ni hu gåsta para hågo ni ti un agradese.
(which I have spent on you which you don't appreciate.)

Ya bai sångan ha' taiguine, ya bai hu komprende
(And I will say it this way, and I will understand)

na i guinaiya-ko nu hågo nene ti u måfnas.
(that my love for you baby will never disappear.)

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