Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Hågo la'mon means "It's up to you."

Very dangerous words to interpret when your nåna (mother, grandmother) is the one telling you this.

Hågo : Nang, kao debi de hu fanasiste gi lisåyon Auntie Chai la'mona?
(You : Mom/Granny, should I attend Auntie Chai's rosary tonight?)

Nang : Hågo la'mon.
(Mom/Granny : It's up to you.)

Later that night, after not attending the rosary, your nåna whacks you with her sangkletas (slipper) as you enter your house.

Hågo : Nang!  Håfa isao-ho?
(You : Mom!  What wrong did I do?)

Nang : Ti malak i lisåyo hao!
(Mom : You didn't go to the rosary!)

Hågo : Ilek-mo na guåho la'mon!
(You : You said it's up to me!)

This is followed by a second whack with her slippers.  End of story.

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