Thursday, February 14, 2013


GUAIYA : to love, to like

It is one of two words in Chamorro that mean "to love."  The other is "gofli'e."

Hu guaiya hao.  I love you.

Manguaiya yo' nu hågo.  I love you.  (We'll need another post to explain these two forms)

Ti hu guaiya i hagas na nobiå-ho.  I do not love my former girlfriend.

Guaiya na che'lu-ho.  My beloved brother (or sister).

Ma guaiya ayo na taotao.  That person is loved, appreciated, liked.

Aguaiya.  To love one another.

Fan aguaiya, uno yan otro!  Love one another, one and all!

Manguaiya.  To have love.

Puengen i Manguaguaiya.  Lovers' Night (at a restaurant, perhaps, or Valentine's Ball)

Guaiyayon.  Lovable.

Sen guaiyayon na påtgon.  A very lovable child.

Guinaiya.  Love.

Metgot i guinaiya.  Love is strong.

Håfa, guinaiya-ko, malago'-mo?  What, my beloved, would you like?

Ti guinaiya gue' nu i famagu'on-ña.  S/he is not loved by his (her) children.

Måno guine guinaiya-mo?  Which one here is your favorite (at the dessert table, for example)?

It is not GUIYAGuiya means "he, she, it" in Chamorro.

But many people spell Chamorro with English in their minds.

They think I in Chamorro sounds like I in English, as in "Me, myself and I."

Are they going to start calling the village of Piti : Pee - tigh?

Saina (lord, master, elder) become Sina?

Taitano becomes Tightano?

Please, keep English spelling OUT OF CHAMORRO!  Si Yu'us Ma'åse'!

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