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The Gogue family of the Marianas have an indigenous, Chamorro name.

The word goggue means "to defend, to protect."

We hear the word often when we sing a standard Chamorro Marian hymn O Maria Nana'magof.  The relevant line goes, "Goggue yo' yan chachalåne," asking the Blessed Mother to "defend and guide" us.

In the Chamorro version of the Hail Mary we say "Si Yu'us un gineggue Maria," meaning "God protect you, Mary," based on a faulty understanding of the Spanish "Dios te salve Maria," which means "God save you, Mary."  The confusion arises because, in Latin, "salve" is a greeting, but, in Spanish, it also means "save."  In Catholic theology, the angel could not have wished that God save Mary because God had already saved Mary when He prevented Original Sin from touching her at the moment of her conception (the Immaculate Conception).

Back to the name....

By the 1897 Census, we find the Gogues mainly in Hagåtña.  So the family is from central Guam, probably originating in the Chamorro suburbs of what used to be mainly immigrant Hagåtña (Spanish, Latin American and Filipino soldiers).  In time, the Gogues from the outskirts of Hagåtña moved into the city.

Excluding the Gogue women who married and whose children would then not carry the Gogue name, we find in Hagåtña :

Geronimo Gogue, married to Susana Taitingfong San Luis. (Geronimo is a Spanish name, the equivalent of Jerome, and is not just the name of a famous Apache chief.)

Juan Demapan Gogue, married to Maria Crisostomo Atoigue.

His brother Pedro Demapan Gogue was married to Juana Fegurgur Taimanglo, but had no children.

Nicolas Gogue, married to Ramona Palomo White.

Benita Gogue had a son out of wedlock named Julian, who would thus carry on the Gogue name if he had children.

As you can see, there aren't too many Gogue males who had fathered children, so most Gogues today can probably trace their ancestry back to one of these three men.  Except that......


His name was Basilio Pangelinan Gogue, the son of Jose Gogue and Monica Pangelinan.  Undoubtedly he was from Hagåtña.  He would have been born in the 1830s or 1840s.  He married Paula Rivera.

He's important precisely because he is missing from the Census.  It means that, when the Census was taken in 1897, Basilio was not on Guam.  He was moving around.  Which means he made connections with other islands in the Marianas.

One daughter, Maria, was born on Saipan in 1865 and eventually married a Chamorro from Rota and died on that island.

I suspect two other Gogue women, Carmen and Ana, are Maria's sisters, as they, too, married Chamorros from Rota and died there as well.

But another daughter of Basilio and Paula was Isabel.  Isabel was the mother of at least three children that I know of, all three born out of wedlock.  At least one of the three children (possibly more) had a Spanish father.  The three children of Isabel were :

Vicente Gogue, who married Gloria Torres Pangelinan.

Prudencio Gogue, who married Dolores Garrido Reyes, and settled in Malesso'.

Joaquina Gogue, who married Manuel Dueñas Flores.

I knew one of Prudencio's daughters in Malesso' and she was quite fair-skinned.


There is a locale in Luta (Rota) called Påtten Gogue (Gogue's part, or portion).

As Basilio Gogue had connections with Luta (one, if not three, of his daughters married and lived there), I wouldn't be surprised if Påtten Gogue was named after Basilio (had he owned the land?).

So Basilio is an important Gogue because his children and grandchildren married into well-connected families and are among the better-known Gogues in the Marianas.


  1. Can you do a history of the origin of the Limtiaco family from Asan?

    1. See comment below! Thanks for reading my blog!

  2. I will do a history of the Limtiacos and other Chinese Chamorro families, but I think it's important to talk about a few things about them all in general, which is today's post! Enjoy!

  3. Hi again Pale' Rik. It's interesting my ancestors came up again on your blog. :)

    Basilio Pangelinan Gogue and Paula Rivera were my great, great, great grandparents and yes, three of their daughters- Ana, Maria & Carmen, established themselves in Rota and were married to Rotanese exept for Maria whom I am not sure. However, Maria and her husband's descendants are the Barcinas' from Rota, Tinian, & Saipan.

    Vernon-Lee Inos Mangloña

    Basilio and Paula's daughter Ana Rivera Gogue was my direct ancestor. She married my great, great grandfather Pedro Taimañao Mangloña who was an illegitimate son of Mariano del Rosario Sablan, from Saipan, and had five children. Also, Ana Rivera Gogue had an illegitimate child from Manuel Duenas Cruz, from Guam if I'm not mistaken, named Maria Rivera Gogue who was the eldest. All in all, the children of Ana were six. Ana's children were all fair skinned and colored eyes. My mother's grandmother Margarita Gogue Mangloña-Quichcho, daughter of Ana, was a blue-eyed blond while her siblings were grey-eyed.

  4. Continuation: I'm only speaking on my direct line, most of Basilio and Paula's daughter Ana Rivera Gogue and her descendants did marry well into prominent families including Ana herself. Ana's husband Pedro Taimanao Mangloña, albeit illegitimate, was a son of Mariano del Rosario Sablan from Saipan. He was some kind of an administrator in Rota during the late 1800's that's how he met Ana. His also an ancestor of numerous Sablan families in Saipan.

    Ana Rivera Gogue's daughter Margarita, born 1896, is a god-daughter of Gregorio Calvo of Guam.

    My grandmother Augustina, a grandaughter of Ana Rivera Gogue married into the Inos family. Although they were not wealthy per se, the Inos family became prominent themselves. Augustina's brother in law Vicente Inos was a public figure in the 60's. Vicente's son Eloy Inos is the current CNMI Governor and was also the first CNMI Finance Director. Vicente's other son Jospeh was a Rota Senator and Rota Mayor. Joseph's son Perry Borja Inos is a current CNMI Supreme Court Judge.

    My mother Laura Maria Quichocho Inos-Mangloña, a great-granddaughter of Ana Rivera Gogue, married into the Casamayor Mangloñas. My father Thomas Muña Mangloña was raised by his first cousin Benjamin Taisacan Mangloña, which the Rota airport is named after. Benjamin was a Rota Senator and Rota Mayor, and was also the first Rotanese to be CNMI Lt. Governor. Benjamin's brother Prudencio Taisacan Mangloña was a Rota Mayor. Prudencio's son Paul Atalig Mangloña was a long time Rota Senator. His other son John Atalig Mangloña is a CNMI Supreme Court judge and his wife Ramona Villagomez-Mangloña is the current CNMI District Court judge. My father's brothers Herman Muña Mangloña and Vicenter Muña Mangloña were Tinian Mayors. Herman was also a Tinian Senator. My father's other brother Tito was adopted into the prominent and wealthy Sablan (Tidegua)family. My mother's sister Judith(Judy)Quichocho Inos-Pangelinan did very well herself and their brother Juan(John)Quichocho Inos also married into the prominent Roberto(Fitz Roberts)Family in Saipan.

    My mother's first cousin Zita Quichocho Taisacan-Leon Guerrero, a great granddaugher of Ana Rivero Gogue, is married to William (Bill) Rojas Leon Guerrero of the the Leon Guerrero's of Bank of Guam. Zita's sister Crispina Quichocho Taisacan-Tenorio (deceased now) was married into the prominent Tenorio family of Saipan. Thier sister Andresina (Andie) is married into the prominent and wealthy Dela Cruz family in Navy Hill, Saipan.

    Same goes for the other children of Ana Rivera Gogue. They did pretty well themselves.

  5. I forgot, Crispina Quichocho Taisacan-Tenorio's deceased son, Roger Pierre Tenorio, was a priest whom I think you knew. He was knowned as Father Roger.

  6. I hear that the Mundo Family are also Gogue's, and the reason they carried the Mundo last name is because the lady was not married so her children carried her maiden name which is Mundo.

    1. Yes, its mentioned in the family but most of us forgot how. The daughter of Rudolfu Atalig Mundo (Rota) died and she was the one who was well versed in the family history. Her name was Maria Hocog Mundo-Santos.

    2. There is a family in Tinian. August Jose Palacios Cabrera married to nee Estella Mundo Mendiola. Estella was a granddaughter of Jose Gogue Mundo from her mother.

  7. Pedro demapan and Juana taimanglo had 4 children Vicente, Ana, Delores, amalia. Amalia died 1/1011 99yrs old

    1. Can you tell me more about Juana Fergurgur Taimanglo, my grandfather is Pedro Fergurgur Taimanglo. We know hardly about him and wish we could know more about his family.

  8. My Ordot Gogue clan - my father' side - have been in this village for many many years. Pedro Demapan and Juana Taimanglo Gogue' daughter, Ana (married to Antonio Quichocho Cruz) is my father' (Pedro Gogue Cruz) mother. My mother is Rosario Garrido Blaz, of Hagatna.

  9. My great great aunt Isabel Rivera Gogue's three offspring Vicente, Prudencio, and Joaquina were the children of Father Crisogono (he was a priest in Guam during the Spanish times) and were my maternal great grandmother Margarita Gogue Mangloña's 1st cousins. Isabel was the only one of the four sisters (Carmen, Maria, Ana (my direct ancestress), and Isabel) who did not emigrate to Rota.
    --Vernon Lee Inos Mangloña