Sunday, February 17, 2013


Toktok mågi sintura-ho, ya un kariño yo' ni mames;
an humånu'ao ti bai måtai, an hu dingu'ao siempre un tånges.

Hold me here at my waist, and be sweetly affectionate with me;
if you leave, I won't die; if I leave you, you will surely cry.

In other words....

I want your love, but if you reject me, it will be you who suffer.

What a mixture of indigenous words and Spanish loan words!

Indigenous : toktok (hug/embrace), mågi (here), mames (sweet), hånao (to go, leave), måtai (die), dingu (leave), tånges (cry/weep).

Spanish loan words : sintura (waist), kariño (affection), siempre (in Spanish it means "always," in Chamorro "surely").

Still, if you (or a Spaniard) didn't know the indigenous words, you wouldn't understand what this was all about.  Only something about a waist, and affection.

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