Friday, February 15, 2013


JK Shimizu was a long-time Japanese businessman who settled down on Guam and married a Chamorro.  One of his several experiments was to get a commercial fishing industry started on Guam.  For this purpose, he brought down four Okinawan fishermen from Saipan to work for him on Guam in 1926.

His boat would leave Piti at sunset and the Okinawans would fish till dawn.  In one night, they caught 900 pounds of fish : tuna, barracuda, red snapper, tarakito, bonito, parrot fish and sharks.

These he sold as fresh fish the morning they came in, or he dried and salted them.  The sharks he dried and sent to China.  Certain types of fish were dried and pounded into flakes to be used in Japanese cooking.  Whatever was unsellable was given to the pigs to eat.

Guam, however, never did create a commercial fishing industry.

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