Sunday, October 7, 2012

YOU KNOW YOU'RE CHAMORRO WHEN... think church wine is the BEST on the market!


The Catholic Church has some rules about the wine used for Mass.  It has to be made of grapes from the vine and not corrupt (for example, so old it's turning into vinegar).  It can be either red or white.

No additives are allowed, like adding sugar to sweeten the wine.

Thus, it is very dangerous for priests to go to Payless to buy wine for Mass.  For all they know, they could be using improper wine.  We get wine from companies making altar wine respecting Catholic guidelines.

However, since these Catholic altar wines are made for RELIGIOUS purposes (to become the Precious Blood of the Lord), and NOT for their quality as a drink, and also because they are made in vast quantities for Mass, so that priests need an affordable source of bulk orders, these altar wines generally are not, I repeat, not  TOP RANKING wines in terms of their vintage.

They generally sell for $5 a bottle, whereas good quality wines go for much more, from $10 to $50 a bottle.

But since we don't grow grapes on Guam, nor drink much (in the old days), we aren't familiar with these things, so I always hear from some old-times, "Eh Pale', you guys got the best wine at Mass, hah?  Hehehe."

If only they knew.

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