Wednesday, October 3, 2012


In the Catholic Marianas, October is dedicated to the Rosary, just as in the Church the world over.  The main hymn for this devotion is Ta Fan Lisåyo (Let us pray the Rosary).  It is based on a well-known Spanish tune, which you can hear for yourself in the video below.

Just as the Guam version differs just a bit from this Spanish one, the Saipan version differs slightly from the Guam version.  But they are all recognizably the same tune.


Ta fan Lisåyo, kåda ha'åne / sa' i Såntos Lisåyo yåben i Langet.
(Let us pray the Rosary, every day / because the Holy Rosary is the key to Heaven.)

Na'manman i Lisåyon Sånto Domingo / i tumaitaitai maolek ti u falingo.
(Wonderful is the Rosary of Saint Dominic / he who prays it well will not be lost.)

I Lisåyon manaitai isan i Langet / na para i anti-ta ma'lak na kåndet.
(The Rosary prayed is the rainbow of Heaven / it is a bright light for our souls.)

Yagin kåda ha'åne gefmanlisåyo / u ta hago' i gråsia yan i minahgong.
(If we devoutly pray the Rosary every day / we will obtain grace and peace.)

I Lisåyon manaitai guaot i Langet / guihe nai si Maria ha å'ågang hit.
(The Rosary prayed is the ladder to Heaven / there Mary is calling us.)

I Lisåyon Maria yagin un taitai / un dichoso gi bida yan gi finatai.
(If you pray Mary's Rosary / you will be blessed in life and in death.)

Yagin ya-mo mañotsot nu i isao-mo / i Lisåyo nai gaige i malago'-mo.
(If you want to repent from your sins / the Rosary is where you find your desire.)

This version is by a marching band; no words.

I cannot get this blog to post the video which includes the Spanish lyrics, but here is the link (copy and paste) :

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