Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Felisa A. San Nicolas from Malesso' could have been a helper, hired or not, of an American couple, Major and Mrs. Morse.  For they took her with them as they set out for the U.S., but by way of Europe through the Suez Canal (Egypt).

After Europe, it was across the Atlantic to the U.S.  San Nicolas parted ways with the Morses and went over land to the West Coast, and from there back to Guam, making a complete trip across the globe.  The year was 1925-1926. 

We know that a Chamorro woman accompanied her Spanish employer when he moved to Spain in the late 1800s.  But she stayed in Spain and died there, and probably did not make a full circle around the globe.  Felisa did; apparently the first Chamorro woman to do so.

More than likely Chamorro men had circled the globe earlier, when Chamorro men were joining the whaling ships in the early 1800s.  Many of them never returned to Guam.

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