Thursday, October 25, 2012


PODDONG : to fall

Poddong i taotao.  The man/woman fell.

Adahe na un poddong.  Be careful not to fall.

I peddong na hågon.  The fallen leaf.

Mamoddong siha gi halom fache'.  They fell into the mud.

Poddong gi isao.  Fallen into sin.

Poddong tåtte.  To fall backwards.

Poddong måtai.  To fall dead.

Pineddong.  Fall.  Can also mean "luck, fate."  As we say in English, "it befell him..."

Måno ha' pinedong-ta.  However it befalls us.  Whatever is our fate.

Pineddong can also mean "result, final effect."

Maulek pineddong i kuentos-ña.  His speaking had a good effect.

Poppodong.  Falling, tending to fall.

I peppedong na haligi.  The leaning pole or pillar.

Pipodong.  Habitually falling.

I Spell it as I hear It

You may notice sometimes I have a double D, or a double P, sometimes not.  Chamorro pronunciation of the same word changes depending on the changes in the word's use.

By itself, the word is poddong.  The tip of the tongue definitely rests a bit at the top of the upper teeth and the D is emphasized.  But when one says pinedong-mo, there is no rest at the D.

When one says poppodong, the rest is at the second P and the two lips stay together for a moment to give emphasis to the P.
Ayudo!  Poddong yo' ya ti siña yo' kahulo'!

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