Tuesday, June 5, 2012


MALÅNGO : sick

Malångo yo'.  I am sick.

Kao malångo hao?  Are you sick?

Mumalångo gue'.  S/he became sick.

Anåkko' i malangu-ña.  S/he was sick a long time.

Mamalango.  Sickly.

Ti mamalango.  S/he isn't sickly.  Rarely gets sick.

Hamalango.  Frequently sick.

Hamlango.  A contraction of the same word (hamalango).

Na' malango.  Makes one sick.

Na' malango este na lugåt.  This place can make one sick.

Malångon pulan.  Menses.  Menstrual period.  Literally "monthly illness."

Malångon gineflie.  Love sick.

Malanguye.  Cause of illness.

Håfa un malangunguye?  What is making you sick?

Fanmalanguyan.  Hospital.  Place of the sick.  Infirmary.

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