Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Thirty years ago, a lot more candidates would boldly state their "better-known-as" family names.  That was when it mattered more; when the people knew these family nicknames and who was connected to them and if THEY were connected to them.  Nowadays, few candidates make this a part of their campaign advertising.

Still, this candidate is running for the first time and, since every vote counts, he's throwing it out there that he is from these clans. Candido (San Agustin), Kueto (Taitano), Lencho (Santos), Kacha (Shimizu).

One election many years ago, one candidate went so far as to say : If you are a Perez, Torres, Rodriguez, Cruz, San Nicolas, etc, etc, then we are related!  I think he listed 20 last names.  And yes, he won.

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