Wednesday, June 20, 2012


How lucky I am to know Tan Estefania, age 91 years and still as sharp as a tack.

Born in Palau, one of the small colony of Chamorro immigrants there.

But in 1946 she married and remained in Saipan till now.  That's where the parachute, and her wedding gown, come in.

This was right after the war.  Things were hard to come by.  And people had the ingenuity to make things from what was available, including military surplus.

Tan Estefania holds a photo of her and her late husband on their wedding day in 1946.

Brides wore THREE different dresses.  One for the wedding Mass, which was early in the morning (5AM or so).  Next, a gown for the lunch, which had fewer people, mainly immediate family.  A third frock for the evening fandånggo where many people were in attendance.

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