Monday, September 24, 2018


A story told to me by a 90-year-old man.

Dies ham na mañe’lo. Guåho mås påtgon na mafañågo yo’ gi 1928 na såkkan.
(We were ten siblings. I am the youngest, born in 1928.)

Lao entre hame i dies, singko man måtai nene yan singko ta’lo
(But among the ten of us, five died as infants and five again)

man maolek mo’na i dumångkulon-måme.
(were fine growing up.)

Ma sangåne si nanan-måme na man måtai i fine’nana singko na famagu’on
(They told our mother than the first five children died)

sa’ pot gai defekto i lechen nanan-måme.
(because our mother's milk was defective.)

Ti nahong sustånsia para u nina’ fan lå’la’ i famagu’on annai mañususu.
(There wasn't enough nutrition to give life to the infants when they were being breastfed.)

Pues hame i uttimo singko na famagu’on ma na’ fan gimen ham Carnation Milk
(So we last five children were given Carnation Milk to drink)

ya ennao muna’ fan lå’la’ ham.
(and that's what made us live.)

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