Wednesday, August 10, 2016



A Deceitful World

Tåno'. World.

Dåkon. Liar.

It was brand new. The new wall put up in the house looked perfect. But, within a few days, cracks appeared. Looks can be deceiving.

For the Chamorro, the world is a liar. Tåno' na dåkon.

We think our material possessions are safe and sound, yet they corrode, rust, break or get stolen.

The value of things - gold, gas, stocks - goes up and down. Nothing is stable. Nothing is permanent.

A tree behind the house looks strong and healthy. We wait, and yet it bears no fruit.

The sea looks calm. But lives perish that same "calm" day when an unseen swell tips the boat over.

We swear we saw something. It turns out to be a mirage.

Some people wear the nicest smiles. But that's all it is. Something they wear, and take off.

And the worst lie of all, according to the elders, is to think that this material world is all that exists.

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