Thursday, June 23, 2016


1. Hu gofli'e hao Jesus-ho, ya hu na' matuna hao :
(I love you, my Jesus, and I make you praised :)

Chorus : O Korason Jesukristo, magof hu adora hao!
(O Heart of Jesus Christ, happily I adore you!)

2. I sendålo as Longinos guiya bumabaye hit
(The soldier Longinus was he who opened for us)

ni korason Jesukristo i mina' fan såfo' hit;
(the heart of Jesus Christ who saved us;)

Lao Jesus guåho man ige' sa' hu kekelånsa hao.
(But Jesus I have surpassed him because I have pierced you.)

2. Ya ma baba sen ma baba, a'annok i korason
(And it was opened wide, the heart is visible)

gi kalaguak Jesukristo, kalan guåfe hahanon.
(in the side of Jesus Christ, a burning fire.)

Tåya' tailaye na guåho ni i ti gumuaiya hao.
(There is no sinner but me who does not love you.)


Longinos. In tradition, this was the name (Longinus in Latin) of the Roman centurion who pierced the side of Jesus with his lance. Tradition identifies him as the same centurion in Matthew 27:54 who came to believe that Jesus was truly the Son of God. Later he was baptized and left the military. He was later martyred for the faith and is considered a saint.

Saint Longinus

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