Saturday, March 8, 2014


From Guam to Luta, Tinian to Saipan; even within Guam itself, there are slight variations in the same hymns we all sing.

This Lenten hymn comes to us from singers living in Malojloj and Inalåhan.  You can detect the differences between their rendition and the melody sung by those in Hagåtña, who spread all over central and northern Guam after World War II.  The Hagåtña version can be found here :

The lyrics are :


Atituye Kilisyåno i sinantos kilu'us
(Reflect O Christian on the most holy cross)
Annai måtai ma atåne i magåhet na Yu'us.
(Where the true God died by crucifixion.)
Mames lulok, mames håyo ni umuma si Jesus.
(Sweet nails, sweet wood which carried Jesus.)

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