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This Chamorro hymn to Saint Joseph is one of the most popular ones to him in our language, but one that a lot of people are afraid to sing because it can get complicated!

The original melody is taken from a Basque hymn to a completely different saint, Saint Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuits.  But how would people on Guam ever find that out back in the pre-war days?  But now we have the internet and Youtube, so the secret is out!

Nonetheless, this has become our San Jose hymn and we love it.


San Jose, si Yu'us guinaiya hao, ennao na pine'lo hao, sasague i linahyan na taotao;
(Saint Joseph, you are beloved of God, thus He made you defender of the multitude;)

Hagas ha' giya Belen yan Nasaret si Jesus lachaddek inesge hao, lu guiya ha' sen Yu'us.
(Since Bethlehem and Nazareth Jesus quickly obeyed you, though He Himself is truly God.)

San Jose tohge ya un sågue ham; Patriåtka goggue ham!
(Saint Joseph, rise and defend us; Patriarch, safeguard us!)

Chomma' nai i tailaye, si Satanås godde gue', pulåne ham as Jesus ya in na' rai-måme gue',
(Repel the evil, bind Satan, watch over us under Jesus and we shall make Him our King,)

na minaolek i pinilan kannai-mo, San Jose!
(through the watchful care of your hands, Saint Joseph!)

Må'gas hao ke si Moises yan David Rai Israet
(You are greater than Moses and David, King of Israel)

ayo na un hohoggue si Jesus ni Emanuel.
(that is why you hold in your arms Jesus who is Emmanuel.)

Såntos ni manguaiya in tayuyute ham ni mangatoliko, adinganiye ham nu i un hohoggue
(Loving saint, pray for us Catholics, speak for us to Him whom you hold)

ya un na' fan maolek ham!
(and make us good!)

Sasague-måme, sågue i Santa Iglesia!
(Our defender, protect the Holy Church!)

Jose Patriåtka goggue ham!
(Joseph the Patriarch, safeguard us!)


The opening words in Basque are :

Inazio, gure Patroi haundia
Jesusen Kompania


The Spanish version opens with :

Fundador, sois Ignacio y General
de la Compañía real.

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