Thursday, January 17, 2013


Driving down Marine Corps Drive, I see this truck with a sticker that says MAÑELUS.

Now, in Chamorro, we do not form the plural by adding an S.

That's what we do in English for most (not all) words.

Horse becomes horses; dog becomes dogs; but mouse becomes mice.

In Chamorro, the plural is formed by adding MAN before the word, and/or adding SIHA after the word.

Che'lu (brother/sister) become MAN+CHE'LU = MAÑE'LU.

But it's inevitable that 100 years of Americanization will affect the Chamorro language, just as Spanish did.

As long as we know it's a new development thanks to American influence.  And some of us will hold out against such influence as long as we can.

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

I will take my hat off to them for using the Ñ instead of a regular N in MAÑE'LU.

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