Thursday, January 3, 2013


All I have are pictures of the war-torn Santa Cruz Church in Hagåtña, but few people know there was a second Catholic church in the capital city (besides two chapels) before the war.
It was located....

Where this law office is now located, a few doors down from the budget hotel and across the street from the insurance office.

Many people mistakenly think this part of town is already Aniguak, but it isn't.  It's what was once known as the Santa Cruz barrio of the city.

But why a second church?

It seems that Hagåtña is so scarcely populated now that a second church seems unimaginable.  But before the war there were over 10,000 people living in the capital city.  A second church was not only necessary, the situation was helped by the addition of two chapels (Aniguak and San Antonio) in the city.

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