Thursday, December 22, 2016


O PÅTGON BELEN is a Chamorro Christmas carol or hymn.

Depending on the island, village and even sometimes family, you might here little differences here and there in the song.

Refrain : O påtgon Belen, in na'e hao dias,
sa' hågo si Jesus, yan i Mesias.

(O Child of Bethlehem, we greet you,
for you are Jesus and the Messiah.)

1. I gai langet yan tåno' dumikkike' gue'; i tehnen i langet lumadafe gue'.
(He who owns both heaven and earth becomes small; the upholder of heaven makes Himself weak.)

2. Måtfit yan flores rosa i dos fasu-ña; ma guaiya ma atan i atadok-ña.
(His two cheeks are ivory and roses; they love to look at His eyes.)

3. Hinilat ginefli'e' nu i taotao-ña; kumasao chumålek gi fanagong-ña.
(Overcome with love for His people; He cries smiling in His shelter.)


Dias. Literally, it means "days." The line only makes sense if one speculates that the use of the word "dias" in this context is a shortening of the greeting "buenas dias," or "good morning," which conveniently rhymes with the word mesias or "Messiah." So, instead of saying "In na'e hao buenas dias," it is shortened to "dias." "We give you a 'good morning' or a greeting."

Fanagong. An old word no longer heard. It literally means a "shelter" from wind or rain, and in this context means the crib or manger.

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