Wednesday, December 14, 2016


I only got to know this Chamorro Christmas carol through the Hofschneider brothers, Jude and Julian, from Tinian. They learned it from their mother. But no one knows the origin of the carol; who wrote the lyrics nor who composed the music or from where the melody was perhaps borrowed.

The Hofschneider and Untalan (their mother) families were in Yap before the war, so perhaps it was composed there.

1. I niño mafañågo guihe na puenge
(The Child Jesus was born that night)

gi halom liyang gi sagan gå'ga' siha.
(inside a cave in a shelter for animals.)

Un påtgon mafañågo guine na puenge
(A child is born this night)

todos hit ta fan man adora.
(let us all adore.)

Chorus : Må'gas na påtgon i niño as Jesus
(The Child Jesus is a great child)

i rai i man rai siha.
(the King of kings.)

Popble na påtgon i niño as Jesus
(The Child Jesus is a poor child)

komo i magåhet na låhen Yu'us.
(as the true Son of God.)

2. I ma'lak estreyas ayogue na annok
(The bright stars appear there)

para i attat guato gi i liyång-ña.
(towards the altar there in His cave.)

Ta onra yan ta tuna i lahen Yu'us
(Let us honor and praise the Son of God)

sa' guiya i lahen Yu'os-ta.
(because He is the Son of our God.)

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  1. Interesting, Pale. Did you videotape you'all singing this rare song?