Monday, October 3, 2016


"Died by the grace of God and helped by a bad surgeon."

Måña i echura asta la seputtura

The original Spanish wording is "Maña y hechura, hasta la sepultura."

Literally, it means "Skill and form until the grave."

The intended meaning is that a person is the way he is till death. His way of being, thinking, feeling and acting doesn't change. He will take it to the grave.

Måña is the aptitude of the person, what he or she is naturally good at, or likely to think and do with ease.

Echura is the person's outward form, his or her style of doing things, including attire, speech, demeanor.

When you meet someone after thirty years, and he or she is still the same in specific traits that single him or her out, one can say, "Måña i echura asta la seputtura."

Or, no matter how you try to change someone's way of thinking or way of behaving without success, one can use this phrase.

That's just the way he or she is and will always be, till the grave.

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