Tuesday, October 18, 2016


According to an elderly lady who grew up in Hagåtña in the 1930s, there was a store in the capital city near her home which sold fresh milk. Cattle farmers would bring in the milk and the milk was sold in bottles at the store.

Across the milk store was the home of a family where all the adult women living there were large busted. It seemed to be a trait than ran in the family with the women.

The store had a wooden sign shaped like an arrow with the word leche painted on it, pointing down at the store, to show people traveling on that street that milk was sold there.

One day, when the store ran out of milk to sell, they discovered that someone pointed the arrow to the house across the street with the large-breasted women.

* An older woman, reading this post, confirms that near her house in pre-war Hagåtña was a place selling "mechanical milk."

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