Thursday, March 17, 2016


In Lent of  the old days, one only had to prevent the noise of children playing in the yard or street.

People refrained from hard manual labor during Holy Week (Semåna Sånta) so you didn't hear the sound of hammers or sawing.

Few people had radios or record players.

Americans said that Hagåtña was like a ghost town during Holy Week.

Then, after the war, came the television set.

We had only one TV station back then - KUAM. And even that was not for the whole day but just from the late afternoon till midnight. Then came KGTF, the public TV station, but few people watched it anyway.

But our Chamorro grandmothers were so strict that, come Holy Week, the TV and radio were off limits.

They went all out to make sure neither were turned on. They unplugged them and, as far as the TV was concerned, they were not even to be seen. Grandma threw the såbanas (sheet) over the TV to reduce the temptation for anyone to turn it on.

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