Tuesday, March 8, 2016


The other day it was blisteringly hot.

There was not a cloud in the sky and the sun blazed in all its punishing radiance.

I walked into the living room of a home where a social gathering was taking place, and at the dinner table in the adjacent dining room, three seniors sat in solemn contemplation.

I greeted them and said, "Ei na minaipe na ha'åne!" "My what a hot day!"

And an older lady responded, "Depotsi ha', Påle', sa' på'go na mes nai maså'pet si Jesukristo."

"It's the way it is, Father, because this is the month when Jesus Christ suffered."

And I said, "Ya ha na' fan masåså'pet hit lokkue'." "And He is making us suffer, too."

Then she said, "Hunggan. Debi di ta fañaonao gi minasa'pet-ña i Saina." "Yes. We should participate in the suffering of the Lord."

The man åmko', steeped in the religion of their parents, interpreted many things in the light of religion, even the weather.

If it is raining, God is blessing us. If there's a typhoon, God is punishing us.

And if it is unbearably hot in March, it's our participation in the suffering of Christ during Lent who suffered this time of the year.

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