Sunday, December 20, 2015


I really like this song.


1. Famagu’on, atiende måno ha’ eskuelan-miyo
(Children, attend to whatever school you may be)

sa’ i lina’la’ mampos makkat gi tano’-ta.
(because life is too hard in our land.)

Ekkungok ya en fan man osge gi sainan-miyo
(Listen and obey your authorities)

gi maestra yan i maestro.
(the teacher, female and male.)

Chorus :

I kutturå-ta gof impottånte mo’na siha gi tiempo,   
(Our culture is very important in the times ahead,)
i lengguahi-ta mungnga ma na’ falingo.
(do not lose our language.)

Protehe todo mo’na famagu’on i tano’.
(Protect the land in the future, children.)

Ya ta sångan todo : Fanohge Chamorro!
(And we'll all say : Stand up, Chamorros!)

2. Pinasensia todos hit na klåsen taotao.
(We are all a patient kind of people.)

Direcho-ta eyo ha’ ta gågågao.
(We are only asking for our rights.)

Famagu’on na’ fitme mo’na hinenggen-miyo
(Children, make firm ahead your faith)

sa’ i kutturå-ta ta onra todo i tiempo. 
(because we honor our culture at all times.)

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