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This Christmas carol is based on a carol found in a Baptist Hymnal probably in English, but which also appeared in German in a German hymanl! Thanks to Lawrence Borja for tracing this. Then it was most likely rewritten in Chamorro by Påle' Román Maria de Vera, OFM Cap.

He put it in his Lepblon Kånta, but comprised of only one verse. The second verse is found in the Saipan hymnal or Lepblon Kånta. It is possible, therefore, that Påle' Román composed only one verse, which some thought too short of a song. Even with a second verse, the song is less than a minute in duration. We don't know who composed the second verse, but it could have been someone in Saipan.

Here it is recorded by the female singers of Johnny Sablan's singing group and found in one of his albums.

The lyrics are :

Gåtbon påtgon, må'gas påtgon
(Beautiful child, great child)

dikkike' Niño Jesus.
(little Christ Child.)

Atan ham todos na in adora hao,
(Look at all of us adoring you,)

komo i magåhet na Låhen Yu'us.
(as the true Son of God.)

In tingo' todos na i finatto-mo
(We all know that your coming)

para un libre i famagu'on-mo.
(was to free your children.)

Ayo na påtgon regålon-måme
(That Child is a gift to us)

gi korason yan i anten-måme.
(in our hearts and in our souls.)

The German Version
based on a Baptist Original

Påle' Román

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