Tuesday, August 25, 2015


This is the junction of Route 1 (Marine Corps Drive) and Route 8.

Some maps refer to this as Leary Junction, while other maps say that Leary Junction connects Route 1 and Route 4 (not Route 8), what we now call the Agana Loop by Chief Quipuha's statue.

The first picture was taken in the early 1970s. We can still see Town House, one of the island's top shopping destinations at the time. The new Ada building is already built, on the left. The Pacific Daily News Building (today the DNA Building) is not yet built.

Marine Corps Drive (called simply Marine Drive in those days) had no median strip and was just 4 lanes wide. There were as yet no sidewalks.

Before the war, this area was known as San Antonio.

Early 1970s



  1. I helped transitioned from old location to present site! Hectic, but exciting , (one of the buyers). The 'restaurant' was very popular @ the old site. Both wonderful in the 70's after JCPenney experience in Mainland. Truly, those were the goold ole days.

  2. What is the building to the immediate left of Town House? I think that the white one-story building in front of Ada's was the location of Gems by Gordon, but I don't recall that there was a two-story building next to Town House in the 1970's.